Thursday, December 3, 2020

Nowhere To Go

 So....I had a place. 

I paid my rent every month, as agreed.

Landlord was happy with me...until the day before Thanksgiving.  

This started the Friday before, November 20, 2020.

I got a call from my landlord, BJ, saying to be home between 4pm-5pm to have someone come look at the floors in the back rooms that I have not been allowed to use.  I rushed home, and no one came by...he came by Saturday, at 5:30pm.  Stayed about 5 minutes. and told the landlord the information.  I immediately get a call from BJ saying I need to put my stuff (the entire house) in storage by WEDNESDAY (yes the day before Thanksgiving) and he would pay for the storage and a hotel for me.  (Keeping in mind, this is how he got rid of the last tenant...paid for a hotel for him and led him to believe he was coming back!!) 

I notified him that, in trying to save him money, I could move the stuff into the rooms not being worked on, he said no, he is doing the whole house...which the contractor already said he was only doing the back room and the living room.  Fast forward through the weekend, where numerous calls and texts were made to get the information for the storage and hotel, which were not answered by BJ or his wife.

Tuesday night...

BJ calls me and demands that I put my stuff outside IN THE RAIN!!! He said he didn't care about my property and that he wanted it out.  He then proceeded to get angry at me because I refused, and told me to be out by the 30th.  He also threatened that he would move my stuff out himself.  


The contractor came and called BJ because I hadn't moved any of my stuff.  The contractor and I then made a deal, I would move the stuff in the living room into the middle bedroom that I wasn't allowed to use while he was working on it...he was happy and I was happy.  Until BJ threatened my belongings, AGAIN.  Then I said that's it...i'm not moving a thing anymore.

BJ's wife then leaves work and comes to my house, says that I need to move my stuff out onto the front yard, that was muddy and wet.  I said no, you cannot make me do this.  She threatened to call the police...I saved her the hassle, and called them myself.

Police come, and tell her that she cannot do that.

All off a sudden, I'm late on rent (I have cashapp receipts to show I paid rent), I haven't paid a deposit (there was never a mention of deposit), and I didn't pay the water or gas (which I paid water when requested because it was in landlords name and the gas was divided between me and the previous tenant, which I paid my half in cash), and I damaged the property because there was a window broken by the previous tenant (the landlord knew this and told me I still had to pay for it).  

The police told them they would have to evict me, and she asked them about turning off the water, because I supposedly haven't paid the water (again cashapp records).  

So...this is the immediate problem...however, there is also the problem of NO HEAT.  I have repeatedly asked the landlord to provide heat and turn the furnace on because I don't know how.  I have text messages where they have said no.

I was provided three space heaters, however, within minutes of plugging one of them in, the power to the front half of my trailer (the only part I'm allowed to use) blew and I no longer have power in my trailer.  The back two rooms still have power, but now I'm staying in a trailer with no heat and no electricity.  

On top of all this, Petunia (my van) is a little on the sicky side and needs a new transmission and tie rod ends.  I am working on getting the money to get her fixed, which is going to be about $3k.  

So, this is the situation as it stands...I'm backed up against a wall but I will somehow survive this.

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