Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Decisions to be made!

So, I've made some decisions.

I will not let my family make me live in fear.  
I will not shut down my blog, and I will not let them dictate my life by making it hell.

Instead, I will keep my blog, and social media.  
I will continue to live my life, even if it is obscure, and unplanned.
See...I don't exactly have to work.
I can get by on what I get every month, if I would quit having van emergencies!
So, next month should be really good.
Going on a job interview today opened my eyes and I realized that I really don't want to have a daily job right now.
I would love to do consulting, and putting my knowledge to good use, if only I can get hired for it.

Freelance work...I'm all over that!  After all, there are people that want what I can do, and I can go and do that.

So, I'm going to enter the world of freelancing and tutoring or something.
I am going to improve on my photography and schedule photo shoots.  I will need discs to hand out to people after I do a session, but I am pretty good at that.

So, that with doing my jewelry along with photography and everything else, I may actually be doing pretty good.

So...consultant/freelance photographer/jewelry maker for hire!

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