Friday, September 23, 2016

Am I really worth so little?

So, I figure before I’m silenced, I will tell what has happened to me from the apartments.  They want me to drop the Fair Housing complaint, and sign a confidentiality agreement. 

FOR $3,500. 00

Apparently this is all they think I’m worth.  All the things that they’ve done, how many times I’ve asked for the handicap parking spot.  The times I’ve had to call the police.  Even the time I had to get an escort into my own apartment from the police because the manager let other tenants stand behind my car, and wouldn’t let me back out. 

Then I got this email from the lady at Texas Workforce…

The Respondents have made a counter offer:

1.       My clients will waive the amounts due and owing from Ms. Cook as set forth on the ledger;
2.       My clients will pay $2,000.00 to Ms. Cook;
3.       The parties will sign a settlement agreement prepared by the undersigned to include a full release and confidentiality provision, among other things; and
4.       Ms. Cook will withdraw her Fair Housing Complaint (no conciliation agreement)

The offer will be available until the end of the week.

As I stated below, I have discussed my recommendation with management and legal. I want you to be aware that they may not agree with my determination.  If that happens the case will be dismissed no cause. If they agree and the case moves forward it not likely that the damages will be anywhere in the range that you are seeking. If the Respondents make a reasonable offer TWC may move forward without you and settle for public relief. As far as the determination I should have managements’ response by next Tuesday afternoon. Either way I will contact you to let you know.

Then I was sent this email:

I will tell you that the Pre-Determination will be a Mixed Cause finding.  Meaning that we do not have enough evidence to the allegations of Failure to Rent and Harassment.  If you have additional evidence that you believe supports the allegation then please submit it now.  If you have witnesses who witnessed firsthand the harassment allegations, then provide their contact information. I still have not heard from the witness you state wanted to remain anonymous nor have I been provided with their contact information. Your other witnesses have either not responded or their contact information provided was not in service.

Then I got this email:

Respondents have counter offered by raising the amount  on item 1. from $2000.00 to $3500.00. Items 3 and 4 will stay the same.

Respondents state that  the offer is good until Monday, September 26, 2016 and it is their final and best offer.

Either way, they want me to sign away my soul for $3,500, when the dollar amount of things that I lost when they evicted me were over $12,000.  This is a property that is targeting SFA college students.  And, since I’ve moved out, I’ve talked to half a dozen other tenants that have moved out for various reasons, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM  was sent a bill for over $2,000. 

I wish I could afford an attorney to fight them.  I wish I could tell the world what they did.  I wish I could have back some of the stuff they threw away.  Right now, I’m fighting to just survive.  I can’t afford my rent right now because I had to move to a place more expensive and further from school.  I only eat one meal a day on average, and that’s only because I got a 50 block meal plan.  Soon, that will be gone also.   I don’t have internet at home, I’m living on the bare essentials, with a little splurge here and there.  I’m trying to find a job, but no one really wants to hire someone in a wheelchair lately. 

I want to shout that I survived the harassment that the apartments have put me through.  I want to tell Texas Workforce, that this should have been decided months ago.  This fair housing complaint was filed in FEBRUARY!! The law states it should have been settled in 100 days.  We’re going on six months.  My offer to the apartments was $15,000.  That would have gotten me everything that I lost, and a little left to actually try to pay all my bills.  There was a blatant fair housing violation, and they’re getting away with it.  I don’t know what else to do.  

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