Friday, May 31, 2013

A simple Thank You made him smile

Today, I was driving home from Houston, and came across a car that was from Indiana (I think...couldn't see the plate too well).  You could tell he was a soldier because he had the little oval tags for Iraq and Afghanistan in the back window.  As he passed me, he looked over at me and he seemed a little sad the way he looked at me.  Then it hit me...I'm going to tell him Thank You while driving down the road.  So, I took out my military dependents ID card and held it up to where he could see it.  Then I signed "Thank You" in sign language, while also saying it with my lips.  

He SMILED, and signed "Welcome" in sign language.  He also seemed a little more upbeat in the way he sit in his car driving down the road.  His head was no longer down a little bit, he looked up with pride.  I'm pretty sure he was headed to Fort Hood because he took the 190 exit off of 59 N.  

This little act of kindness made me feel better because I brought a smile to someone, who really appeared a little beat down.  And I know it made him feel just a little better that someone would actually say "Thank You" while driving down the road.  

Soooo...I know this is a bad picture, but there was a lot of traffic, but if anyone knows this guy, tell him I am glad I made him smile.  

P.S.  He waved to me as he was taking the 190 exit.  It's amazing what such a little thing as a "Thank You" can do!!!  

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