Thursday, November 1, 2012

Look What You Can Get From Fab for Free

Have you heard of Fab?
It's an awesome place where you can get some super cute stuff.
I learned about Fab a while back when a friend of mine was featured on there and have been a member ever since!
Right now, you can ask a friend to send you a FREE $10 Gift Card to Fab from Wrapp, and then you can login with Facebook HERE and enjoy the shopping. 

I try to be eco-friendly and always take shopping bags with me, and you can get these for only $7 which would make it FREE with your credit!

There's also this Goldie charging holder that I got for my husband for only $1 with the credit because he always messes up the cords! I swear I've bought 3 extra charging cords for him! I'm hoping this cuts down on it!

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