Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Independence Day!

I just wanted to take a moment and say
"Happy Independence Day"

We didn't do much today, nope not at all.
Went to the store and got some ice cream for DH because he likes his ice cream every night.
Then was going to McDonald's to get some dinner, when the belt of my car broke.  Not all the way mind you, but enough that it was making a lot of noise.  Soooo, I called my roadside assistance and got the car towed home where I will call the shop in the morning. 

We stayed at home today mainly because DH was working on school work.  You see, with his brain injury, school is a lot harder, and he has to work twice as hard to pass.  I'm learning everyday, that this is our normal.  The DH that I knew 20 years ago doesn't exist, there's only today.  There's the limitations in our lives on just about everything. 

I learned in 2001, what it was like to be the mom of a special needs child, but there's no support groups here for husbands that get injured in Iraq.  I'm using some of the things I learned way back so long ago, with DH, but he get so frustrated because he knows he is having problems.

So, that was our day.  How was your day? 

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