Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day to the Not Mom's

I have to admit, I stole the "Not" something from one of my friends when she said yesterday that she was "not" dating her not boyfriend, for exactly six months.

Many of us bask in the cards and flowers.  Then I have a few friends that have joined a club that we shouldn't be a member of.  We've lost a little one and on this day, our arms are empty, and our soul is hurting.  

My friend Zita, who lost her daughter to a head injury, is facing her first Mother's Day without her daughter, and my heart hurts for her.  And my friend Espy, who never even got to take her son home from the hospital, my heart cries for her.  Two friends that have lost a child.  They joined a club that is exclusive but no one wants to join it.  

Then there are those mom's who lost a child they never knew.  These moms have lost their little ones before they had a chance to enjoy the pregnancy.  This has happened to me TEN times.  This is why I cling to my children so hard.

And, there is the small group of mom's that do what's best for their children.  I made that choice with my oldest child, and was forced into with my daughter.  Until last week, I didn't even know what my daughter looked like.  I wonder if she even knows that I'm alive, or what I look like?  I wonder if she thinks about me?  

So, for all my friends that are Mom's, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!  For those that have Angel Babies, I'm thinking about you on this hard day and know that my heart hurts for you.  For those that are not mom yet, you will have a chance someday.  And for those that have made the sacrifice, either voluntarily or involuntarily, you are not alone.  

To the daddy's and grandparents also, Happy Mother's Day.  

Me, I'm going to be up at the school helping other's with Geology, Analytic Geometry, and Archaeology.  Yes...tutoring 4 people in three subjects.  Someday, I will get paid for this!! 

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