Monday, November 26, 2012

SneakPeeq has Melissa and Doug!!!

SneakPeeq has Melissa & Doug for the next FIVE DAYS!!!
Not only does Monster love Melissa & Doug, but I do also!
They're great for teaching the little minds.
When Monster first started walking I got him the Frolicking Frog :
I would give you a picture of the poor frog today but it's in his room while he's napping!
BUT...these are on sale through SneakPeeq and Monster is going to get one or two of these for Christmas!!!

As you can see, Monster is pretty spoiled! Now, he's not getting all of these items, this is just to show you how great these deals are!  The $10 off badge is one I got from a couple days ago, but you're going to have to Peeq to find some more!!!

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