Friday, October 12, 2012

FREE $15 Gift Card to Bloom

I love getting FREE things and I LOVE nailpolish!! 
So, here's a way to get some free nailpolish, or something else that you want.
Yes, I scored the Opi Pink of Hearts Breast Cancer Awareness set!!
I only paid shipping!

Here's how you do it:

1. Go to Embly and find the $15 gift card to Bloom.
2. Have that friend send the gift back to you 
(If you want someone to send you the gift, join My Group and I can send you one)
3. Check your email for the Gift Code
4. Pick out any item (or items) that equal $15, you can spend more if you want!
5. Before you checkout, put in the code that you got in your email.

5. When you go to CHECKOUT it will ask you to pick 3 FREE Samples.
 Voila!! FREE Opi NailPolish! I got the Breast Cancer set to support two of my friends that are fighting Breast Cancer right now!  
Lemme know what you get!!

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