Friday, September 17, 2010

This Makes Life Worthwhile

Today is an example of what makes me happy! This week, a friend of mine on twitter told me it was his daughters birthday, and asked me if I could bake a cake. I can bake cakes, but I SUCK at decorating, so I suggested getting one from the store. He was very pleased with that suggestion.

So, we connived and strategized and were able to get the cake to her at the start of her French Class today at SFA. I had never met her, or him even in person. When you have friends and am able to do something for them, you do it without asking anything in return. The cost never came up, though he did ask me for my paypal address..

So, this morning I went to Brookshire Brother's here in Lufkin and got the cake. Then I drove to Nacogdoches and delivered the cake. The following tweets are what happened!

I'm happy that I got to help someone new in town, because she's here for school. And I'm EXTREMELY HAPPY that I was able to make her feel her family's love from so far away--they live in South Texas.

And this is why I LOVE SOCIAL MEDIA!


  1. I am glad that you can still help some people out, just wish you would think of other people as well sometimes

  2. I have no idea what the second part of that comment means and since it's from an anonymous person, I can only think it's from someone that I've chosen NOT to associate with.